At Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. I worked for quite a while on Armored Warfare which was Obsidian's 3rd-person tank combat game using CryEngine. For this AW China-themed multiplayer map I was Lead Map Artist starting early in its creation. As Map Lead I supervised in-house asset creation, terrain and foliage painting, set dressing, art optimization and managed the timely completion of the map thanks to talented AW artists contributing their great work.

Challenges related to game performance with this map included the many lush forest-covered hills - we had so much terrain to cover with seemingly dense foliage that game performance might have suffered. I asked the art team to create three low-poly, gum-drop shaped tree canopies to instance over the many steep hills. We then painted down separate low-polygon trunk/branch foliage objects along the treelines to complete the illusion of an opaque forest.

For set-dressing these large expanses of farmland we used things like these low-polygon already-harvested corn stalks (first pic below) combined with plowed dirt spline decals and painted foliage weeds. All of that helped us tell the story of this mostly agricultural environment in a visually interesting way while preserving our map's framerate/performance.





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